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I've been there, but now I'm here for You.

If I asked you, right now, what your personal sleep goal would be for you and your family. What would you say? 

A sleeping child? of course! But what other possibilities are there?

Well-rested child, flexible schedule, being in control of your day, alone time with your partner, and enjoying some much needed me time!

Every family is different, every goal is different. I am here to help encourage you towards that goal whatever that may be.


Our next generation will be shaped by who we are as parents and if sleep or the overwhelming feeling of doing everything right was one less thing we worried about, than they will grow to be so LOVED. 

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About Nicole

Being a mother to my two beautiful girls has been the most rewarding journey, but it was hard being the best mom I wanted to be when my youngest daughter struggled with sleep. Each day felt like a battle between breastfeeding, caring for my oldest, taking care of myself, and of course when do I fit in sleep? I researched day and night trying to find the quick fix to our sleep problems. After months of tears and battling PPD, I found a sleep method that worked for my daughter and everything started to come together. I took control of each day and that alone helped me sleep better. My daughter was sleeping, she was rested, and I can see our moods shift for the better. Since starting I have helped hundreds of parents, who find themselves confused and tired and navigate them through this beautiful process. Helping their children get the sleep they need and wake up each day with a clear mind. It is possible to enjoy those early months and years and not have to sacrifice the one thing we all need to survive this world. BALANCE between work, kids, relationships, and taking care of ourselves is the one thing in life we should be able to achieve.


Sleep Packages

Along with everything listed I will be your guide the whole way through. You will be my priority when you need me the most. Each one of my packets comes with a free 15-minute consultation to make sure that you will get the very best from me. Having the perfect custom plan comes a better nights sleep!

* Each package is customized to what you need for your family. The length of support you need can be decided during your free consultation!


Newborn Sleep Package

  • Free 15 minute phone consultation.

  • Once a week virtual phone consultation for up to one hour.

  • Unlimited email/text support  24 hours a day.

  • Sleep plan made after our time together including custom schedules, how to handle regressions, nap transitions and teething so you are fully prepared for any changes for years to come.

  • Pricing based on the length of support you need.

Weekly Support 

  • Free 15 minute phone consultation.

  • Questionnaire and Sleep log to assess your child's day to day sleep, activity, and feeding schedule.

  • Personalized sleep plan

  • One on one 60 minute phone consultation to go over the sleep plan.

  • Unlimited email/text follow up 24 hours a day.

  • 2 - 4 weeks support available for children 4 months to 5 years old..

Mini Consultation

  • 60 minute phone call with a follow up email.

  • Can be used in two 30 minute phone calls.

  • No sleep plan.

* If we find you need more support, a discount will be added to a package.


Reach Your Goals

Nicole saved me after my daughter completely refused her crib after a tough move and a tumble out of the crib. She went from being fully sleep trained and a great sleeper to sleeping less than 6 hours a night and refusing to nap and always putting up an insane fight. I contacted Nicole in pure desperation, my sleep and life had become a nightmare and I was confined to car naps daily just to try and catch up. When sleep is lost in the house everything else is in shambles. Nicole quickly assisted me and created a sleep plan for us before she usually does because I felt helpless. She not only gave me consistent support, seriously 24/7, but she was also a friend and so kind when I was hard on myself. While being a stay-at-home working mother of two she checked on us all the time and always responded so quickly. I know that she was really busy when she took us on and it was as if we were her sole concern, no clue how she does it. After much trial and error and a lot of support and grace, my daughter is now putting herself to sleep happily and sleeping 11-12 hours a night and naps 1-2.5 hours a day. We got our lives back and a huge weight is off my shoulders! I did the sleep training packets route before and honestly Nicole’s services were worth every penny because every child and situation is different. She tailors the plan specifically to you and your needs and is with you to help and make changes when needed. She was cheering us on every step of the way and was so genuinely happy for us when we succeeded. I highly recommend Nicole to any family struggling with a child’s sleep because it is so important, she is an amazing sleep coach and becomes a great friend and support when you need it most.

- Katya H.




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